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We are proud to offer boarding services to current Jolly Pond clients.

 To ensure the safest experience for all of our boarders, it is our policy that all pets must have had an exam by one of the doctor's within the past year. Exams from other Veterinary practices do not transfer. In addition, all boarders must be current on required vaccines and parasite tests, and are treated with flea and tick preventative prior to their stay (dogs and cats only).

We are happy to provide your pets with a nutritious diet and comfortable bedding during their stay.  We will also gladly feed any food or treats that you bring from home.


During their stay, our large dogs reside in one of four wards, each containing five separate runs.  This reduces excess noise and stress, and helps our staff to ensure the comfort of our guests.  For dogs from the same household, we have adjacent runs with a communicating door.  Our smaller guests often feel more comfortable in our fifth ward, containing smaller individual condominiums.   


Cots and fleece bedding are provided. This way, a bed is one less thing you have to pack!



Our cat ward is quiet and isolated from all dog activity.  Each cat enjoys a three "room" condominum with a view of the outside. Each guest has a private litter box, which is changed multiple times throught the day, and is provided with fleece bedding for a cozy, at-home feeling.


Our rabbit guests are housed in wire-floored enclosures ideal for keeping bunny feet clean and dry.  All rabbits are provided with Oxbow feed products. Our staff are comfortable handling rabbits and are trained in husbandry and feeding.  We ask that you provide any vegetables for your buns during their stay.   



Chart & Stethoscope
Having a Bath


Our 1,400 square foot outdoor enclosed area allows dogs to have plenty of exercise during their stay.  Guests will have several opportunities to play outside throughout the day, always under supervision.  

We offer supervised group play to dogs that enjoy making canine companions.  Those who do not care for canine interaction also receive plenty of private outdoor time.  


Boarders requiring medical attention during their stay will be attended by our veterinarians on staff.  Although we do not have 24 hour hospital staffing, a doctor is responsible for checking in on our guests over the weekends.  In the event of a medical emergency requiring 24-hour care, a patient would be transferred to one of our local emergency clinics.  We will make every attempt to contact owners regarding medical decisions. Charges for these services are not included in boarding fees.


Hearing the pitter patter of long toenails? In need of a good scrubbing? We can help! Just ask an attendant at check in for a bath and nail trim. 

*Any pet who stays with us for at least three nights will receive a complimentary bath.  


Monday-Friday: 8:00am- 5:30pm Saturday: 8:00am-11:30am
Sunday: inquire for pick-ups only
Early Pick up Surcharge (Sundays between 3-5pm ONLY) 
3800 Longhill Rd. Williamsburg., VA 23188


All prices are per night and subject to change

Overnight Boarding

Dog Run:                     $38.00 per night

3 or 4ft x 6ft space with raised bed

Dogs of any size may go in a Run, but any dog over 40lbs must go in a Run.

Multiple Dogs Sharing a Run:

First dog                       $38.00 per night

Each additional dog     $28.00 per night

Dog Cage:                    $33.00 per night

Various sizes, approx. 3ft x 2ft x 2.5ft tall

Dogs must be under 40lbs. If you have a thin (under 40lbs) but tall dog, a Run would be required.

Multiple Dogs Sharing a Cage:

First dog                       $33.00 per night

Each additional dog     $23.00 per night

Cat Condo:                   $28.00 per night

3 connecting cubicles to give space to separate litter box, food & water, and bedding.

Multiple Cats Sharing a Condo:

First cat                        $28.00 per night

Each additional cat      $23.00 per night

we do not recommend more than 2 cats in 1 Condo due to space

Rabbit Cage:

One rabbit                    $25.00 per night

Two rabbits sharing 1 Cage  

                                     $38.00 per night

*We do not recommend more than 2 rabbits in 1 cage due to space


Day Boarding

All Prices Are Per Day

Dog Run                                               $28.00

Each additional dog sharing a Run     $23.00


Dog Cage                                             $23.00

Each additional dog sharing a cage    $23.00


Cat Condo                                            $15.00

Each additional cat sharing a condo   $15.00

Bathing Services

Dogs Only

0-25lbs                                                $30.00

26-50lbs                                              $35.00

51-80lbs                                              $41.00

Over 80lbs                                          $48.00

*There will be a $20 fee added for dogs with long or thick coats which require extensive brushing and hand blow drying.

Nail Trims and Extra Services

Nail Trim with Bath                              $13/ $20

Depending on the nature of the pet

Nail Trim without Bath                         $16/ $20

Depending on the nature of the pet


Rabbit Nail Trim (with Dr. Brown)           $20.00


Anal Gland Expression (with a Doctor)  $22.00

Diabetic Pets Requiring Insulin:

Dogs $23.00 extra per night

Cats $13.00 extra per night

All dogs that board for 3 nights or more will receive a complimentary bath before going home! For dogs staying less than 3 nights, a discounted bath can be given for $30.


*A 10% discount will be applied for any boarding stay that is 10 nights or more!

Holiday Reservations

Due to extremely high demand during holidays, a deposit is required in order to hold your reservation. Holiday deposits are only refundable if you cancel at least 7 full days prior to the first day of the reservation.

Veterinary Food

If you do not provide food from home, there will be an additional charge of $2 per night, per pet to feed your pet our Veterinary approved diet food.


Each pet must be a patient at Jolly Pond Vet Hospital and have had an exam with us within the past year in order to stay with us. All pets must be up-to-date on required vaccines and tests prior to the visit. This is to ensure the health and well-being of all the boarded pets within our care as well as prevent the spread of transmissible disease.


Dog Requirements:

Yearly Wellness Exam, Rabies, Distemper/ Parvo (DHPP), Bordetella, and a Negative Fecal test


Cat Requirements:

Yearly Wellness Exam, Rabies, Distemper (FVRCP)


Rabbit Requirements:

Yearly Wellness Exam, RHDV2 vaccine


In addition, pets must be free of fleas & ticks. If not, treatment will be administered at the owner's expense.

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