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As a privately owned practice, we enjoy the luxury of spending time in the exam room getting to know our clients and their pets.  We emphasize the importance of wellness and prevention, providing patients with a thorough nose to tail examination at each visit, and tailoring a care plan to suit the needs of each individual.  In addition, we are able to provide your pet with high quality diagnostic equipment, including in-house laboratory services, digital radiology, CO2 surgical laser, fully equipped surgical suite, and dental unit.


An ounce of prevention! Do you want your pet to live his best life? At Jolly Pond, we emphasize the importance of helping you to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your pet.  Bringing him in for an annual physical exam helps us to detect and monitor any changes in health, and address problems early on.  Keeping your pet up to date on immunizations avoids preventable illness and helps to ensure that he is a part of your family for many years.


We want to help you to develop good habits for your new bundle of fluff from the get-go! Let's start with a thorough health check upon adoption. We feel that it is important to spend time with new pet owners to discuss routines, diet, feeding schedules, behavior, immunizations, preventative care, and address any concerns of new pet parents.


When something is just not right with your pet, we are here to help.  At Jolly Pond, we take the time to listen to your needs and work with you to develop a diagnostic and care plan that best suits the needs of your pet and your family.  Our in-house diagnostic laboratory allows us to promptly diagnose and manage critical cases.  Daily access to our reference laboratory allows us to perform thorough diagnostic work-ups and monitoring for chronic and serious illnesses.  We feel that it is important to help pet owners understand their pet's illness and to be part of the discussion when determining the best care options.


Knowing that your pet needs surgery can be a stressful experience for pet owners, and it is our goal to make things as comfortable as possible for all members of the household.  All of our patients are given a thorough pre-surgical examination and screening.  On the day of surgery, the doctor's surgical assistant will check you in and address any last minute concerns that you may have.  From sedation to post-operative recovery, the doctor and trained surgical staff are there at all times, monitoring your pet's well-being.  When he or she is safely waking up from surgery, the doctor will call to discuss the procedure outcome and post-operative care.  At pick up time, the surgical assistant will thoroughly go over discharge and home care instructions with you.


Did you know that according to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, "the risk of a dog developing a mammary tumor is 0.5% if spayed before their first heat (approximately 6 months of age), 8% after their first heat, and 26% after their second heat?" The importance of spaying and neutering pets reaches beyond the desire to prevent unplanned litters!  These surgeries are recommended in order to provide health and longevity for your pet.


There are a variety of cardiac diseases that commonly affect our dogs and cats.  In order to obtain a clear diagnosis and start appropriate medication for your pet, we often recommend referral to a cardiologist for advanced diagnostics and expert advice.  With the help of Dr. Herb Maisenbacher of Veterinary Heart Care, we are able to save you an hour drive to a specialty hospital.  Dr. Maisenbacher makes scheduled trips to our hospital a few times a month to consult with our doctors, perform diagnostics, and recommend treatment plans for cardiac patients.


Advanced imaging is often a helpful tool for diagnosing specific conditions in our patients. Board certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Keith Kremer provides diagnostic abdodminal ultrasound services for our patients through regularly scheduled visits to our hospital.   


Discussing your pet's oral health is an important part of a routine visit.   We examine your pet's teeth, gums, and oral cavity and make recommendations to help maintain good dental hygiene.  Without regular oral hygiene, many pets develop periodontal disease, often as early as age three.  Regular dental cleanings under anesthesia and good habits at home help to slow down the development of periodontal disease.    


Through the Home Again Microchipping service, we can provide your pet with a unique personal identification number that will stay with her wherever she goes.  Veterinary hospitals and shelters nationwide use computerized microchip scanners to identify lost and found pets, and return them safely to their owners.


While we enjoy seeing our patients for well-visits, we know that they get sick too!  That is why we make every effort to address the needs of our patients promptly and thoroughly when those unplanned illnesses arise.


We know that as a pet owner, you want your pet to have the best quality nutrition possible.  With the vast and growing number of pet food companies flooding the market today, choosing a diet can be a daunting experience.  As veterinarians, we receive hours of training by board certified veterinary nutritionists, and we keep up with the most up to date research being conducted in the field of nutrition.  We are here to help you wade through the marketing ploys and choose a food that best suits your pet and your wallet.


We all know that growing old is a part of life, and we like to help your pet live out his golden years in comfort and happiness. At Jolly Pond, we believe that a patient's years are best measured by quality, and not quantity.  As your pet ages, we help you to develop a medical plan that best suits the needs of your senior.  From lifestyle adjustments to pain management, and finally to helping you through those last days, we hope that we can help you enjoy as many good memories as possible.


What's worse than dealing with fleas and ticks biting your dog or cat?  Dealing with fleas and ticks biting you!  Without effective prevention, our pets become carriers of all kinds of parasites that not only cause our pets discomfort, but also have the potential to spread to the humans of the household.  What's even more disturbing is that these parasites are often carriers of serious diseases that can be harmful to both us and our pets.  For these reasons, we feel that it is important to educate our clients on options for flea and tick control, heartworm prevention, and intestinal parasite prevention, as well as how to treat infections and infestations.


Among Dr. Brown's many professional interests, she has a special place for rabbits.  A preferred veterinarian on the House Rabbit Society and a rabbit practitioner for over 25 years, Dr. Brown sees rabbit patients from all over the Middle Peninsula, Northern Neck, and even Northern Virginia.  She offers services including husbandry and feeding education, wellness and sick exams, and general surgery.


Our in-house pharmacy provides you with the convenience of a one-stop visit.  There is no need to wait for that call from the pharmacy to pick up your pet's antibiotics or heart medication.  In for you annual exam? May as well stock up on your flea and tick preventatives.  We guarantee that our medications are sourced directly from the drug distributors, within expiration date, and are stored at an appropriate temperature in a moisture controlled environment.  Need a refill?  Just call our prescription line and we will have your medication ready for pick-up.

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