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Seresto® In the News

There is an article circulating the internet which has raised concerns for the safety of a popular flea and tick collar for dogs and cats. Seresto® , sold by Elanco, has been on the market since 2012.  It contains two active ingredients, Imidacloprid and Flumethrin, which are emitted from the collar to kill fleas and ticks as they jump onto and bite the pet. These ingredients are used in other commonly used flea and tick preventatives as well.

So, is the collar safe? Here are the facts.

  • When used properly, the collars are highly effective and have very few, if any, side effects.

  • Care should be taken to make sure that the collar is properly sized and fastened, and that pets do not chew or ingest it.

  • No medication is without side effects. Although uncommon, one of the more likely side effects of topical flea/tick control products is sensitivity at the sight of application. If your pet experiences hair loss or redness and irritation of the skin, you should remove the collar and discuss alternative options with your veterinarian.

  • Be aware of counterfeit products. Seresto® collars and other flea and tick preventatives should be purchased though your veterinarian or other reputable source.

  • The article in question DID REFERENCE several EPA reports about pets and humans that experienced illness or toxicity AND were also using Seresto®. The article did NOT REFERENCE an investigation proving a direct link to Seresto® in any of these cases. Further investigation would be necessary to determine the validity of these reports, and to rule out other variables (such as the possibility of counterfeit product, inappropriate use, use of other medications, and other underlying illnesses or conditions).  









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