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K9 Respiratory Illness 

To Our Jolly Pond Family, 


Just like you, we have been hearing numerous reports of an uptick in respiratory illness impacting dogs across various regions of the United States. At this time, still very little is known about the exact organism causing the infection, but it is suspected to be a bacteria. 


Although we have not been seeing cases in our area, we do recommend minimizing exposure to areas where interactions with various populations of dogs are unavoidable. This includes kennels/boarding facilities, doggy daycare, dog parks, etc. Keeping up with your pets vaccinations against Bordetella (kennel cough) and Canine Influenza to help maintain a protective immunity against other common respiratory illnesses will help set up your furry family members to be as protected as possible. 

As new information becomes available, we will be keeping you and your families in mind. We hope to be able to share updates soon. 


Thank you,

Jolly Pond Veterinary Clinic Doctors & Staff









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